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Get Your CDL.

Ready to become a professional truck driver?
McElroy can make it easy. We’ll assist you in the process of getting your Class-A CDL. Choose from two ways to get your necessary schooling:



Let McElroy sponsor your schooling.

Like to move into your new career with as little debt as possible? Consider letting McElroy pick up the cost.

  • Train at the school we choose
  • Tuition paid by McElroy
  • You agree to work For McElroy for one to two years depending on location
  • Lodging and travel paid by McElroy


Self Pay:

You select & pay for school of your choice.

Already have the ability to pay for your schooling? Or prefer a certain school closer to home? Then you may decide to handle your own schooling before coming to McElroy.

  • Train at the school of your choice (see map below)
  • Tuition paid by you, or by loan you obtain
  • You pay school lodging and travel
  • McElroy Reimburses the lien holder for you up to $6000