McElroy Truck Lines, Inc.

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800-992-7863 – Ext. 222

Corporate Headquarters

P. O. Box 104
111 80 Spur, Cuba, AL 36907
Phone: (800) 992-7863
Fax: (205) 392-7992

Recruiting and Personnel

Voineag, Craig Director of Recruiting and Personnel
Hillman, Nick Recruiting and Personnel Assistant
Frady, Marty Field Recruiter Southeast Region
Selvey, Brad Field Recruiter Midwest Region
Parker, Darrell Field Recruiter Southwest Region
Hendrick, Rick Field Recruiter Eastern Region
Giles, Sandra Recruiting
Parten, Cindy Recruiting
Sharp, Anita Recruiting
Ross, Teresa Recruiting
Wolverton, Tania Recruiting
Hill, Kristen Personnel


McElroy Terminals